Let's enable Integrated Business Planning, for a global optimization of your Masterplan.

Our pragmatic & lean approach enable Integrated Business Planning : You synchronize all stakeholders via an end-to-end IT solution, adjusted to your specific flows & business constraints.

« We started with a very pragmatic approach, that created transparency across the process.
And we end up 6 months later with a fully integrated plan, that improves our P&L. »  —  SHISEIDO
How to synchronize Finance, Markets & Operations ?

Koolog synchronizes stakeholders in real-time : All stakeholders are working on the same tool, sharing a common vision of stakes & constraints. So you measure in real time the impact of each decision across the chain.

Koolog is Clear & Actionable : Thanks to a strong combination of graphs & figures, Koolog facilite the understanding of stakes & impacts across the supply chain. So stakeholders can make better decisions, and target the global optimum scenario.

Use Koolog to connect stakeholders during meetings : Our customers are using Koolog directly during meetings involving Finance, Markets & Operations. Each party do recognize its figures on the same screen, can then adjust its inputs, and one consistent plan is aggreed in live.

your S&OP and
all planning processes
data preparation
& shared decisions making
on target process and
facilitate change management