Now, you can spend your times on decision making.

As planning processes are cross-functionnal, gathering & preparing all inputs can be more than time consuming. Due to the huge number of data involved in these processes, it's essential to focus manager's time on the right scope, for efficient & accurate decisions making. So how do you do that ?

« We now have an accurate & easy access to data, with a nice & immediate graphical feedback.
Koolog prepares proposal & smart KPI's, supporting live decisions during meetings »  —  CANDIA
Key points that are making Koolog efficient for your business planning.

Automated data integration & preparation : Since Koolog solution is plugged on your ERP, input data is automatically refresh in Koolog. Koolog is also performing automated data cleaning & consolidation, so you can use immediately the right input.

Smart proposals facilitating decisions : Using statistical models, Koolog build actionable proposal, and also compute KPI to measure their accuracy. So you can focus on exceptions, instead of reviewing the full perimeter.

Segmentation to focus on main risks : Koolog is generating dynamic segmentation, based on customized business rules (PLM, ABC, bias...), so you can target the scope of a specific risk you want to cope (stock-out, low margin, high inventory cost...).

Dashboard & actions priority : To make use of KPI's, you can define thresholds triggering alerts. Next to this, Koolog is also compiling the main gaps based on these KPI, so you know where to start improving.

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