The Koolog© company.

Koolog© was created in 2001, to reach the following objective : Bringing supply chains to the next level of maturity, thanks to simple & agile softwares.

Koolog is getting together pragmatic business consultants and innovative IT specialists, who are experts when it comes to web 2.0 solutions. Together we accompany our customers in designing & deploying both efficient business organizations and IT solution supporting them.

Our IT team design, develop & deploy full-web solution, supporting the implementation of Supply Chain best practices.

Because our solutions are simple, they facilitate a quick understanding & efficient implementation of these best practices.

Our team is providing both technical & functional support worldwide, securing the substainability of our solutions : Our clients are running Koolog solutions for more than 10 years !

Koolog is a 100% subsidiary of SEGECO Consulting, consultancy company focused on organization & management consulting.

SEGECO Consulting.

SEGECO Consulting is a 60 consultants team, mainly seniors, with specific skills in their own fields of expertise, and recognized experience : most of them come from famous consulting companies.

A collaborative made-to-measure approach, followed by a sustainable support for the implementation.

SEGECO Consulting is a multi-specialists company, dedicated to the following fileds of expertise :

  • Operations & Supply chain excellence
  • Information Technologies
  • Human ressources & recruitment
  • Finance - Risks management
  • Change management
  • Business intelligence & strategic information

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