Koolog© IBP : Agile & integrated full web portal.

Koolog is an integrated web portal covering the Integrated Business Planning (IBP) processes via user friendly screens organized in 5 main domains :

Why did our customers go for Koolog© ? Discover benchmarks insights.

Our customers are running standard ERP solutions. While this IT solutions are efficient to support process execution, they are not covering our customer's requirements for planning on a more mid-term horizon.
For this purpose, dedicated IT solutions are available : Those softwares are called Advanced Planning Solutions (APS).
Even though some of our customers are running such APS, they are still struggling with the following limits :

4 main limits of ERP & APS identified by our customers :
Black box : So difficult to understand the automated proposals you cannot make smart adjustments.
Tool for experts : Too detailed, not user-friendly, cannot be used for cross-functional alignements (eg: Markets & Operations).
Rigid approach : High costs & time required for a customized solution. Tool is constraining processes.
Specific flows not covered: Hard to cover all business specificities (Configurable products, MTO...)

For these reasons, we built a solution that is agile, so our customers can reach new breakthroughs for their planning processes.

4 distinctive reasons for using Koolog, revealed by our customers :
Agile & Lean : You get started in 2 months, & use Koolog’s flexibility to facilitate process maturation.
Clear & Actionable : No black box: You understand stakes & impacts so you make better decisions.
Time efficient : So user-friendly you use the same tool for simulating, meetings & reporting.
Easy-to-customize: Koolog’s bricks are designed to be modeled to your business.

Discover more about Koolog's modules :

Demand Forecast
Gathering market inputs : trends, projects & events, phase in/out, prices targets.
Demand Planning
Forecasts on families, FG & any level of BOM. Align Markets & Operations masterplan.
Supply & Capacity
Plans production, supply & transfers,
based on projected stock simulation.
Finance & Reporting
Reports on masterplan, financial outlook VS budget, projected stocks, S&OP KPI's.
Synchronize stock & supply plan with suppliers & customers, via EDI support.
Business Manager
Forecast & Plan services activities
for Relationship and Process Management.