Koolog is Lean : Start simple, then be flexible to facilitate process improvement.

The Lean approach proposes to target perfection by winning 60% right now, via pragmatic & actionable improvements.
This is exactly the approach we have with Koolog : You get started quickly with a simple & actionable IT solution. Then Koolog's flexibility facilitate your process maturation, so you can improve in the same time your planning processes & the scope of the IT solution supporting it.

« The target process design is leading the project. We implemented the basics within 2 months,
then Koolog was flexible enough to support phased process improvements. »  —  SESALY
Leading the change management toward concret & substainable results :

The change management is fully integrated in the program, to make it a success.

From processes redesign to risk management & stakeholders training, our team is involved with your top management to secure a smooth transformation.

Our projects typically cover the following pillar :

  • New business process design during workshops,
  • Roles & responsabilities definition (RACI),
  • Governance structure setup, risk management framework
  • Roll-out plan including change & K-users training,
  • Processes setup for technical & functional support
  • Change control framework setup
your S&OP and
all planning processes
all stakeholders Operation /
Sales / Finance
data preparation
& shared decisions making