Efficient Business Planning starts with Agility. So we built Koolog.

We believe that best practices of Supply chain excellence require simple & operational IT solutions to be implemented.
And this IT solution should be as flexible & agile as you want your supply chain processes to be.
We also experience each day that a close collaboration between business & IT stakeholders is the key to actionable results, within a short leadtime.
For this reason we built a mixed approach, combining Consulting & operational IT solution 2.0, where agility is leading to results.

4 actionable levers, to bring your Supply chain to the next maturity level.

Our customers are our best ambassadors. They speak about Koolog's benefits best, so let us discover the key achievements they made for their Business planning.

For them, being agile means a pragmatic & business-oriented approach, that improve not only the IT systems, but also the processes & organisation.

As a consequence, Koolog helps you to Optimize the Stock & Service level through your full supply chain. Koolog customers ROI includes :
70 %
Greater Process Efficiency
30 %
Better Forecast Accuracy
20 %
Greater Customer Service
15 %
Less Inventory Costs

Introducting Koolog IBP : Efficient full-web solution.

We believe IT solutions should be clear & simple to be efficient. So we designed a user-friendly web portal, thats helps you understanding stakes & impacts, so you make better decisions. Discover more