Let's accelerate your planning process, toward an Agile Supply Chain.

The acceleration of your supply chain is bringing added value to your customers. So we designed an approach that helps you to shorten your planning processes.

« Koolog really speeds up our local and worldwide S&OP processes :
Our monthly process duration switched from 20 days to 4 days. »  —  PHILIPS
How is Koolog accelerating your supply chain ?

Koolog is time-efficient : It's so user-friendly you will use the same tool to prepare & facilitate your meetings, to simulate scenario, to decide & to report.

Koolog synchronizes stakeholders in real-time : All stakeholders are working on the same tool, sharing a common vision of stakes & constraints. So you measure in real time the impact of each decision across the chain.

Koolog automates data integration & preparation : Since Koolog solution is plugged on your ERP, input data is automatically refresh in Koolog. Koolog is also performing automated data cleaning & consolidation, so you can use immediately the right input.

Koolog Focus stakeholders on tasks with added-value : Smart KPI's and alerts are facilitating monitoring and exception treatments. Koolog is making propositions and measuring their accuracy, so you can focus on main risks, instead of reviewing the full perimeter.

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Sales / Finance
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& shared decisions making
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facilitate change management